The GED Algebra Skill Series: Linear Equations
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The GED Algebra Skill Series: Linear Equations

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55% of the GED® Math Test questions are algebra skill and word problem questions. There are three minimum algebra skills that are required for student success on the math test. These skills are:

  1. Positive and Negative Numbers
  2. Solving for X
  3. Linear Equations

The GED® Algebra Skill Series is a three part workbook series—each workbook covers one of the three individual minimum algebra skills.

 The GED® Algebra Skill Series: Linear Equations includes:

A winning strategy to pass the math test

A GED® Math Test overview

Plotting and Identifying Points on the Graph

Finding the Slope

Graphing the Line of an Equation

Writing an the Equation of a Line

Word problem exercises focused on processing development

A free video channel demonstrating 10 workbook problems

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