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The Goals of this Page

The first goal of this page is to provide you with samples of our GED Math tools that have helped thousands of students pass the GED Math Test since 2001. Visit this page regularly as we often change out the materials here.

GED Math is the main reason people fail to earn their GED credential. Most can pass the RLA, Social Studies and Science tests but stall out on the math. When the test changed in 2014, the amount of algebra included on the math test went from 20 - 25% to 55%!! Following this change, for most adults wanting their GED, it just got worse.

The GED Super Math Pack is a solution to this very real problem in American education.

Video Lesson

Live GED Math Class - In April of 2020 we taught a live GED Math Class online. Below are free links to the class and the worksheet used in that class.
Practice Test
Do you need to find out where you stand on the GED Math Test? If so, the practice test below will help you get an idea. Be sure to visit this page again as we update this practice test throughout the year.
The best way to approach GED Math is to start with the skill first. Once you have the skill down, then focus on the word problems. The GED Super Math Course prepares you to pass the GED Math Test by using this simple formula. Most people over look it and struggle for years. The GED Super Math Course is expert level at preparing adults to learn in this way. The worksheet below is a sample of this strategy.
    FREE TO TRY! - Try the course before you buy it. Below is a link to Lesson 2 of the GED Super Math Course which covers basic equations. Like the other lessons in the GED Super Math Course the lesson requires and hour and a half of your time.
    You don't have to do the course all in one sitting but make sure you at least have a half hour to spare so that you can get the most out of this free sample of the GED Super Math Course.
    Lesson Time Breakdown
    10 minute review of lesson objectives
    30 minute view of video,
    30 minute completion of worksheet
    20 minute timed practice test

    The second goal of this page is to make it easy for you to ask any questions that you might have about the GED Super Math Course.

    Email: damon@mygedlive.com

    Text/Telephone: 707-385-1680 (Pacific Time Zone)

     What is the GED Super Math Course? 

    The GED Super Math Course is 10 lessons designed to help you quickly prepare to pass the GED Math Test. The course includes 10 lessons that teach you the skill areas you need to reach the 145 passing mark for the test.

    This course is streamlined and focused around your students passing the GED Test with a score of 145 - 150. The most difficult to learn material is eliminated. Most students with a seventh to eighth grade math level can complete the course in 4-8 weeks and pass the GED Math Test.

    Each lesson includes four parts: 1) lesson objectives and course introduction, 2) lesson worksheet, 3) lesson video, and lesson practice test. Each lesson can be completed in approximately one hour and 30 minutes (10 minutes reviewing the lesson objectives, 30 minutes watching the lesson video, 30 minutes completing the lesson worksheet, and 20 minutes taking the lesson practice test.

    Each lesson focuses on two parts: 1) the skill and 2) interpreting word and picture problems. The lesson practice tests present GED-styled problems to prepare students for the kinds of questions they will see on the actual test.

     PLUS + 10 Bonus lessons (which include video and worksheet) - so your student's learning is further reinforced and supported.


    The cost of the GED Super Math Course is $65.  


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