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Let's face it. You're excited about joining the US military. You are ready to join and they are ready to sign you up right now. forgot to mention just one little detail - you didn't graduate from highschool and you don't have a GED certificate! 


They still want you but they tell you to go to local GED class and get ready to take it.  The only problem is that when you go to class, there are about 25 other people there, some serious and some not so much. The teacher is overwhelmed or maybe just surfing the internet in between "helping" the students.


You're thinking - I don't have time for this! You go to Google and You Tube. You get the big 600 page GED Book. You pass all the test except math! You go back to the GED class to "just get help for math." But after a few nights, you remember why you left in the first place - no help!


Any of this sound familiar? If so, you need to join the Online GED Course.

The Online GED Course solves the problem of slow progress due to packed local GED classes and inconsistent web searches for help.




The Online GED Course provides you only what you need to know to pass the test.  This way, you can study quicker because you now know exactly what to study.  


And... no more wasted hours on You Tube and Google searching for worksheets, videos and practice tests, all the while hoping this "free" content will really help you.


You want to serve your country. You've decided serving in the armed forces is the best way to accomplish your goal. You deserve the accurate material and the expert instruction GED Teacher Damon Tinnon provides in his courses.


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