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The 5 Goals of this Page

The first and primary goal of this page is to make it easy for you to get free samples of my curriculum for GED teachers.

  • FREE TO TRY! - New GED Curriculum for Teachers! Coming Soon! Get four GED Curriculum Lesson samples that can be used in your classrooms (in-person or distance learning) right now. These sample lessons are reproducible on your campus. Purchased curriculum includes permission for unlimited local campus reproductions rights for worksheets.
  • FREE TO TRY! - Lesson 2 of the GED Super Math Course for Programs can not only be reviewed by you but also shared with your students as a lesson they can learn from right now. Simply share the link with your students.This lesson covers basic equations.
  • FREE TO REVIEW! - The first 11 pages of the GED Basic Math Workbook. This sample is not reproducible. This sample is copyright protected. This sample is intended for review purposes only. 

The second goal of this page is to make it easy for you to ask any questions that you might have about my product or even schedule an online demo of the GED Super Math Course for Programs.


Text/Telephone: 707-385-1680 (Pacific Time Zone)

The third goal of this page is to share my guiding philosophies of GED Education. To this end you can download of my two titles:

The fourth goal of this page is to share with you some of my best free resources on the internet:

The fifth and final goal of this pagee is to tell you how you can use these products on your campus, in your prison, at your library or wherever you help students prepare to pass the GED Test.


What is the GED Super Math Course for Programs and How Can I Use it With My Students? 

The GED Super Math Course for Programs is a dedicated course platform that is restricted to your specific program. The course platform includes 10 lessons that teach the skill areas needed to ensure your students reach the 145 passing mark for the test.

This course is streamlined and focused around your students passing the GED Test with a score of 145 - 150. The most difficult to learn material is eliminated. Most students with a seventh to eighth grade math level can complete the course in 4-8 weeks and pass the GED Math Test.

Each lesson includes four parts: 1) lesson objectives and course introduction, 2) lesson worksheet, 3) lesson video, and lesson practice test. Each lesson can be completed in approximately one hour and 30 minutes (10 minutes reviewing the lesson objectives, 30 minutes watching the lesson video, 30 minutes completing the lesson worksheet, and 20 minutes taking the lesson practice test.

Each lesson focuses on two parts: 1) the skill and 2) interpreting word and picture problems. The lesson practice tests present GED-styled problems to prepare students for the kinds of questions they will see on the actual test.

Each lesson can be completed in approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes (10 minute review of lesson objectives, 30 minute view of video, 30 minute completion of worksheet, and 20 minute timed practice test). Your students can learn a core math skill in one class period! 

PLUS + 10 Bonus lessons (which include video and worksheet) - so your student's learning is further reinforced and supported.


  • Your program receives a dedicated, simple and easy to use course platform for your school, library, jail or other program type
  • Your program can enroll and serve up to 200 students at any given time (if more enrollments are needed, simply contact us to purchase more)
  • Enrollments can be re-used for future students
  • Your students can post questions directly in the course so your instructors (or even fellow students) can answer the questions quickly
  • Progress reports can be run by local teachers to monitor student progress in the course


The cost of the curriculum is a one-time cost of $1,500 per campus (Annual course host fee of $139 is billed upon purchase and then annually).

Special pricing through September 1, 2020 - $500. That's a lifetime cost of only $2.50 per student - a tremendous value!


COVID-19 and Distance Learning?

If you have already enacted distance learning measures or plan to enact distance learning measures in the near future, the GED Super Math Course is ready to accommodate your plan. The course offers the following features to support you and your student's success during the pandemic and beyond.

  • One hour and thirty minute lesson completion times support realistic student expectation for home study
  • Real-time learning community communication in each lesson supports solidarity among students and helps your students not to get stuck on concepts or questions that can be cleared up with simple answers
  • Lesson post-test results are instantly available to both the student and the teacher to support regular follow-up on actual student progress
  • Easy to follow curriculum and a clear study plan support student clarity about goals of each lesson and tasks to be completed while accessing course content from home
  • Concise lesson videos are easy to consume - so your students don't get bogged down and achieve skill goals quicker
  • Worksheets include answers so students can correct their own work and not wait to move on if they are ready


What is the Basic Math Workbook and How Can I Get Copies for My Students? 

The Basic Math Workbook focuses on the key skill areas that make up the basic math portion of the GED Math Test, which is 45% of the test content. The Basic Math Workbook covers fractions, percentages, ratios and proportions, and measurement of basic shapes.

The Basic Math Workbook provides step-by-step instruction on how to do basic math skills and provides GED styled word problems that draw upon basic math skills.

The Basic Math Workbook does not assume enrollment in any Online GED Course offering from The Basic Math Workbook is copyright protected and photocopying of the workbook is prohibited.


The Retail cost of the Basic Math Workbook is $15. Significant price breaks begin with the purchase of 20 or more workbooks.



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