All New Website

If you have visited WWW.MYGEDLIVE.COM recently, you will immediately notice major changes to the site.  Your're accustomed to seeing the web page below.  Scroll down to learn why.


1. Focus - I want it to be clear that I can help you pass the GED Test through my online course.

2. Simplicity - You can only accomplish so much on a website.  I don't want to confuse my visitors.  I want my visitors to know that I am a GED Teacher who has an online course and a track record of success!

3. Security - We all want to not only feel safe but also really be safe when using the internet to study for the GED Test.  We all want to take practice tests, join email lists and make online purchases with confidence.  The new site is more secure and is a https site, meaning it maintains compliance with the strictest standards of internet security.

4. Communication - In 2016 there were big changes to the GED Test!

  • The passing score was reduced from 150 to 145
  • The Extended Response was removed from the Social Studies exam
The new website presents a blog for visitors to learn the latest changes, tips and strategies in real time!