About us

GED® Teacher Damon Tinnon is a credentialed Adult Education Teacher in the State of California and teaches GED® Preparation in the beautiful Napa Valley. Tinnon has helped hundreds of students pass the GED®through his class and has influenced thousands through his straightforward and motivating teaching style over the internet!

"I have taught GED®Prep in California since 2001.  Helping students prepare to take and pass the GED® Test has been and remains one of the most satisfying pursuits of my life.  I love working with adult students who work full time, have kids of their own in school and yet do not give up on their own education.  My goal is to see the 39 Million US Adults who do not have a HS Diploma or GED® have a real chance to get one!" - Damon Tinnon

Tinnon created the Get Your GED® Now Test Preparation Series, which makes his successful classroom program available through online courses, workbooks and DVDs.