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September 1, 2021

Below is the information on the GED Cohort. If you are interested, please respond "yes" to this email and I will forward you a link to the Basic GED Skills Assessment Test.

The point of the GED Cohort is to identify and gather 10 students who have a determined GED skill level and give them the tools to pass all four GED Tests. The cohort is limited to 10 or fewer students to ensure that each student gets the proper care and attention to their test prep needs. It also promotes the accountability and community we all need to stay on track.

GED Cohort Cost: $95

GED Cohort

The GED Cohort is an intense 30-Day Preparation course for GED students with a score of 70% or more on the Basic GED Skills Assessment Test. The Cohort covers all four GED Tests.

Each student will be required to spend a minimum of 10 hours of study each week of the Cohort and submit specific assignments to the course instructor for review, follow-up and instruction specific to their needs.

  • Practice Test Submissions
  • Worksheet Submission
  • Writing Sample Submissions


Week 1

  • Basic Math Skills & Word Problems
  • Reading Skills (Social Studies, Science & Literature)
  • Four Written Reading Summaries

Week 2

  • Algebra Skills & Word Problems
  • Reading Skills (Social Studies, Science & Literature and Grammar)
  • 5-Paragraph Essay

Week 3

  • Mixed Skill Math (Basic and Algebra)
  • Reading Skills (Social Studies, Science & Literature)
  • Extended Response

Week 4

  • Mixed Skill Math (Basic and Algebra)
  • Reading Skills (Social Studies, Science & Literature)
  • Extended Response

Skill Binder

Each student will be provided with content to create a skill binder (student purchases their own binder) that tracks the skills and word problems they have learned to do. As you pass tests and complete skills, students will print these items and add to the binder. This way, students have a visual of their progress.

Live Chat Office Hours

Live Chat Office Hours will be scheduled 3 times each week based upon the schedules and availability of Cohort members. These are 1/2 sessions to ask specific questions about the course content.

In addition, non-live chat is available throughout the cohort period.

Overview Lessons

Each week, there will be an overview lesson of the week's course content that points out the goals, the resources and the time requirements to be successful.

Weekly Testing

Each week there will be a final skill and word problem test to:

  • ensure the student is learning the content
  • directly help you where you are missing content

Email me at for more detail, if you are interested.


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