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Last Call for Registration! Course Starts Today - September 1, 2022

September 1, 2022


If you are serious about passing any of the four GED Tests - get in now! You only have to do the subjects you need.

You name a fair price - or any amount you would like to pay to show your support! The first 30 students to register are in!




How the class works:

You will receive assignments four of the seven days of each week (we all need study breaks!).

Each assignment day will have a test for you to submit. This is how I check your work, follow your progress and suggest what's next to get you over the hump.

You will need the following materials:

  • Internet Connection
  • Cellphone (to take tests, watch videos, take pictures of your work and also to receive and respond to email)
  • Computer (PC or Mac) (optional: to print out worksheets and operate from a larger screen and also to receive and respond to email)
  • Access to a printer (b/w) (to print out worksheets)
  • A 1 1/2 Binder (to keep your completed work and study plans)
  • Access to a 3-Hole Punch (to add worksheets and study plans to binder)
  • Pencils, erasers, scratch paper (to do the work)
  • A GED calculator
  • The GED Super Math Course (Free to Download Now)
  • All Five GED Math Workbooks (Free to Download Now)


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