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JULY 2021 - Live GED Math Classes Streaming Live Tuesday and Thursday!

July 5, 2021

Enroll in the GED Super Math Course today and get access to the live classes streaming on Tuesday and Thursday of this week! CLICK HERE to enroll.

Get enrolled in my course and you will get access to my live replays of our lessons on ratios and proportions - PLUS - you will get my weekly assignment lesson! With the weekly assignment lesson, I review your work and let you know what you need to do next!

We are focusing on ratios and proportions this week in the GED Super Math Course. So you are going to hit this subject three ways and master the content!

1. Weekly Lesson Assignment (I review your work)

2. The Live Streamed Class (You view + email support with questions)

3. Lesson 9 (Self - Directed)

Below are the scheduled live replays of this 30 minute class - PLUS - you get the worksheet covered in this class.

Three Replays on Tuesday, July 6
  • Tuesday, July 6 @ 9am (PST)  
  • Tuesday, July 6 @ 3pm (PST) 
  • Tuesday, July 6 @ 6pm (PST) 

Three Replays on Thursday, July 8
  • Thursday, July 8 @ 9am 
  • Thursday, July 8 @ 3pm 
  • Thursday, July 8 @ 6pm 
What you will learn in this class:
  • how to set-up and solve a proportion
  • approaching and solving ratio and proportion word problems

Let me be your GED Teacher - I know how to help you pass the GED Math Test! Click on the button below and enroll in the course and get access to the live stream class time that works for you!


Damon Tinnon

GED Teacher

Enroll in the GED Super Math Course

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