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Do you know the best way to study for the GED Test? (Hint: 30%/70%)

September 9, 2022

The key to successful GED prep is knowing the difference between active and passive study. Thirty percent (30%) or your study time should be passive and seventy percent (70%) of your study time should be active.

30% of Study Time

Thirty percent of your study time should be spent on passive study activities like watching instructional videos, reading instructional material, reviewing test questions, and spending time on GED.COM learning more about the GED Test itself (what's on it, where and when you can take the test, reviewing the experiences and testimonials of others, etc.)

This is where resources like You Tube, Google searches, social media groups (Facebook, etc.), and [of course!], MYGEDLIVE.COM pay huge dividends.

This is where you develop your mind's ability to receive information specific to the GED Test.

70% of Study Time

Seventy percent of your study time should be spent on active study activities like taking practice tests, doing skill and reasoning exercises, writing extended response prompts and registering to take official practice tests and the actual GED tests on GED.COM.

This is where you develop your mind's ability to perform and succeed on the test.

Typical One Hour Study Session

If you are strapped for time like most people and can only study one hour at a time, here's what I would recommend for someone studying math (I use the subject of fractions as an example).

15 Minutes - Watching Fraction Video [passive]

15 Minutes - Do skill questions (adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying fractions) [active]

15 Minutes - Do reasoning questions (word problems) [active]

15 Minutes - Take Practice Test [active]

You see how the plan above is different and focuses on your mind's development?


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Each lesson can be completed in one hour and thirty minutes

  • 30 Minute video
  • 40 Minute exercises
  • 20 Minute Practice Test

Best of all this is a digital course and you get access to it immediately after you complete your purchase - no tracking numbers and waiting for packages!


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