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Online GED Course - September 2022

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NAME A FAIR PRICE! Just select a price - and it's yours! I do have a monthly budget to operate MYGEDLIVE.COM so any amount you can pay through the "Name a Fair Price" pricing model is appreciated!

This is a teacher-student, assignment-based course. There are no "live classes" to attend. You receive assignments and submit your work to the course instructor for feedback and direction. The course runs 100% through email, exchanged videos and assignments.

This 30-day course is designed to help you pass 1 or more of the GED Tests. "Purchasing" (just like all the products on my site, you can name a fair price - whatever you would like to pay to support what I offer) this course will enroll you in course.

The materials we use for the course are mostly on mygedlive.com and you should make sure to "purchase" everything there.

You will begin receiving instructions on upon registration! Let's get this done!

How the class works:

You will receive assignments four of the seven days of each week (we all need study breaks!).

Each assignment day will have a test for you to submit. This is how I check your work, follow your progress and suggest what's next to get you over the hump.

You will need the following materials:

  • Internet Connection
  • Cellphone (to take tests, watch videos, take pictures of your work and also to receive and respond to email)
  • Computer (PC or Mac) (optional: to print out worksheets and operate from a larger screen and also to receive and respond to email)
  • Access to a printer (b/w) (to print out worksheets)
  • A 1 1/2 Binder (to keep your completed work and study plans)
  • Access to a 3-Hole Punch (to add worksheets and study plans to binder)
  • Pencils, erasers, scratch paper (to do the work)
  • A GED calculator
  • The GED Super Math Course (Available to Download Now)
  • All Five GED Math Workbooks (Available to Download Now)
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Online GED Course - September 2022

0 ratings