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The Online Pre-GED Course

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The Online GED Course is 11 lessons that are designed to ensure that you have no skill gaps when you begin studying for the four GED Tests. 

Each lesson has a course video and course worksheet. Plus, each lesson features a comment section where you can ask questions directly to the course creator.

The problem of most GED Students?

Most students begin studying with the best of intentions but they immediately get stuck. Like any smart student, they go to YouTube. However, they get bombarded with thousands of video topics choices and none of them are connected - some are great, some are good and some are not so good! Then, thinking they have fixed their problem, they go and take a practice test and FAIL! 

What happened? First of all, YouTube is not a diagnostic tool. As great as it is, it can't diagnose your skill level. Second, most videos are created by disconnected teachers, companies, and schools so there is little consistency. Even if you just go to one "GED YouTube" channel - the videos are rarely organized and mostly random and cover whatever topics the channel provider feels like uploading. 

The solution to this problem is the Online Pre-GED Course!

  • The Online Pre-GED Course provides a diagnostic test so you know up front where your skill gaps are as they relate to the GED Test
  • The Online Pre-GED Course is an easy to follow curriculum - eleven separate lessons - most of which can be completed in an hour
  • The Online Pre-GED Course features well organized videos - the videos short in length and easier to consume so that you can learn faster and achieve skill goals quicker
  • The Online Pre-GED Course features skill worksheets with answers for every question - the worksheets are straight forward and always point back to the GED Test

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