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GED Math Practice Test Workbook

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The GED® Math Skill Series: Practice Test Workbook will prepare you to pass the GED® Math test by providing you with 50 GED®-styled test questions. If you can answer these 50 questions, you are sure to have success and pass the test!

The GED® test is broken up into two content sections (55% algebra and 45% basic math). The Practice Test Workbook features a 25-question section on basic math and a 25-question section on algebra.

Use the Practice Test Workbook to get your mind focused on the right material and leave hours of YouTube videos and internet searches behind!

Content is all new for the 2016 GED Test changes and up to date to 2022!

  • Get the actual questions that you need to be able to answer to have success on the GED Math Test - if you can answer and master these questions - you are ready to go!
  • Get and master the winning strategy that has helped thousands of students pass the GED Math Test!
  • Master Word Problems - from the easier ones to the hard algebra ones!
  • Answers follow each test so you can check your work!
  • Get focused on the types of questions you will need to be familiar with for test success

  • This workbook ships to you within 1-2 business days via USPS.

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