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MYGEDLIVE.COM takes away the 5 biggest worries with purchasing GED prep content.

1. Cost - Our materials are affordable with no item above $350! So you do not need to worry about budget busting purchase orders.

2. Supply - All our materials come with unlimited local digital distribution and/or unlimited reprint distribution rights. So you never have to worry about having enough materials to serve your students.

3. Copyright laws - All our materials allow you to distribute a copy to every single student who registers with your school. With reprint rights, you have no concerns about copyright infringement. 

4. Effective - MYGEDLIVE.COM takes a subject by subject approach, focusing on the skill and then the GED styled word problem. Each workbook is focused and easy to complete. Each workbook comes with 10 instructional videos to provide additional support to students.

5. Samples - MYGEDLIVE.COM places page samples for each title on the order page so you can view the content and share with colleagues and management before you purchase.