Why Our Online GED Classes Work

Only 15% of GED students successfully prepare to study on their own. The remaining 85% of students, preparing on their own, will struggle in frustration and fail the test multiple times, wasting valuable time and money. After years of heartache and disappointment, those students preparing on their own, will be forced to spend their lives and careers without their GED.

Our online GED classes are small, only 15 students in each class, which allows you to finally get the attention you deserve.

Have you ever wondered why you study so hard and still fail the test? It usually means you are studying the wrong material or have skill gaps that you don't realize. It's like the old saying, "you don't know, what you don't know!"

In the GED Boot Camp or the GED Academy, you get help that's specific to you. How? In our online GED classes, you take practice tests that are designed to show us your strengths and weaknesses.

Your test results are sent directly to the email inbox of GED Teacher Damon Tinnon. He then develops a plan specific to you to build your weaknesses and maximize your strengths.

Can you see how this might help?

Our online GED classes are taught by a real GED Teacher who has helped thousands to pass the GED test since 2001.

GED Teacher Damon Tinnon has uploaded over 250 videos to his You Tube channel, ILANOMADVIDEO. He has literally helped thousands of students just like you to pass the GED test. You can go to the comment sections of his videos and see what his students say!

In our courses, instead of a big 600+ page book, you receive short, quick lessons that have video explanations and are easier to understand and retain.

There are not many things more discouraging than opening a 600+ page GED study book! It even has small print! Most students don't get too far in this book.

Would you be more likely to watch a 20-minute video and complete a three page worksheet? You probably would. Our online GED course students do.

Finally, our online GED classes only focus on what is necessary to pass the GED Test.

We remove unnecessary, wasteful and distracting subject areas that only erode your confidence and keep you from your goal.

You simply should not beat yourself up over quadratic equations! You can get questions wrong on the GED test and still pass. If you focus on the basics and focus on interpreting word problems, then you will have success.

Join one of our online ged classes today! Click on one of the links below to learn more and enroll!

GED Math Boot Camp

GED Academy

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