Who's actually passing the GED Test?

As most are now aware, the GED Test changed in 2014.  For most, this change was a real blow.  In 2013, some 450,000 US Adults passed the GED Test.  In 2014, the first year of the new test, barely 85,000 US Adults were able to pass the test and gain their GED certificate.

For most struggling to increase their incomes by searching for better paying work and more reliable careers, the new GED Test presents a real hurdle to the improvement they seek.

You see, there are more than 39,000,000 US Adults who do not have a High School diploma or High School equivalency certificate.  Let that sink in a moment...

So when an individual is struggling to make ends meet and needs a GED for better employment or more education that can lead to better opportunities, it is a real blow when the bar gets lifted to level that literally stops hundreds of thousands of test takers from passing the test.

In the video below, I give more detail but more importantly, I give more hope!


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