Time is Running Out to Take the GED Test Before Summer 2018!

This is the most important time of the year for GED Test preparation. It's the most important time because schools close over the summer. This means you have limited time to prepare before the long summer break.

Over the summer, it is easy to loose focus and loose mastery of things that you have worked so hard to learn. In my experience, when students return from summer break they basically have to start from scratch!

Don't let this happen to you!

Have a Plan

The best way to prepare to pass the GED Test is to have a plan.  Your plan should have three elements:

  • Time - decide on how long you will study each day and how many days during the week you will study, do all you can to stick with your schedule
  • Materials - decide on materials and stick with them! Otherwise you will waste valuable study time looking for things to study (surfing the internet is not studying!)
  • Goal with Milestones - Set the date you plan to take the GED Test and set milestones along the way to this goal date

Sample Plan - GED Math Test

Goal - Take GED Math Test on Friday, May 11

Monday, April 23 - 2 hours study - pages 1-10

Wednesday, April 25 - 2 hours study - pages 11-20

Friday, April 27 - 2 hours study - pages 21-30

Sunday, April 29 - 4 hours study - pages 30-60

MILESTONE 1: Monday, April 30 - Take Official GED Practice Test

Monday, April 30 - 2 hours study - review pages 1-10

Wednesday, May 2 - 2 hours study - review pages 11-20

Friday, May 4 - 2 hours study - review pages 21-30

Sunday, May 6 - 4 hours study - review pages 30-60

MILESTONE 2: Monday, May 7 - Take Official GED Practice Test (if necessary)

Wednesday, May 9 - 2 hours study - review practice test questions

Thursday, May 10 - 2 hours study - review practice test questions

GOAL: Take and Pass the GED Math Test

The plan above does two key things. One, it sets a plan to review a book or guide - twice. Second, it includes taking the Official GED Practice Test so you can be more confident in your ability to pass the test.

I have several students starting this plan next week. I will report their success back here on the blog.

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