The 2 GED Math Practice Tests You Need to Pass the Real GED Math Test

Below is a screen shot of a comment posted recently on my You Tube Channel (lanomadvideo).

GED Math Practice Test Comment Image


This comment highlights the importance of taking the right GED Math Practice Tests.  It also highlights what happens if you don't take the right test - frustration and failure!  

If you do not take the right practice tests, it may not matter how much you study.  You may still fail.  GED Math Practice Tests will let you know if you're studying the right material, if your study is effective and if you're ready to take the test or not.

The reason my students have a high first time pass rate is because they do not take the test until they are ready.  And, they know they are ready by how they perform on the practice tests.

There are two practice tests you need at your disposal in order to pass the GED Math Test.  

  1. The Get Your GED Now Test Preparation Series Guided Practice Test (CLICK HERE TO TAKE A FREE SAMPLE OF THIS TYPE OF TEST)
  2. The Official GED Math Practice Test

The first test you need is the Get Your GED Now Test Preparation Series Guided Practice Test.  You need to take this test because:

  • There are video explanations for each question
  • The test is designed to teach you, not to simply expose your weaknesses
  • You can take it as many times as you like
  • It let's you know which questions you got wrong
  • The questions are based upon the test creation guidance provided by the GED Testing Service, the creator of the GED Test
  • When you score 11 or greater, you know you are ready to take the next practice test

The Get Your GED Now Test Preparation Series Guided Practice Test will prepare you to take the Official GED Math Practice Test.  

The second test you need is the Official GED Math Practice Test, only available at GED.COM. You need to take this test because:

  • It tells you whether or not you are likely to pass the test

Most people fail the GED Math Test because they get impatient and make decisions based on their emotions. This is a recipe for disaster!

If you are serious about passing the GED Test, then you need to get serious about your preparation!



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  • dean on

    How long will it take to get through the super math pack?

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