Save $30 Off the All New GED Super Math Course!

Save $30 Off the All New GED Super Math Course - Use Discount Code: BEATCOVID19 - You can even explore with a free sample lesson before you buy so that you know the course is right for you!
Most don't pass the GED Test, not because of Science, Social Studies or the RLA, they don't pass because of GED Math. More specifically, because of algebra. On the old version of the test, algebra made up only 20-25% of the test content.
The new GED Math Test, which had its debut in 2014, is 55% algebra. GED pass rates plummeted! Although there have been some improvements, national pass rates are still drastically lower than they were in 2013, the last year of the old test version.
The GED Super Math Course is a solution to this dilemma because it eliminates the most difficult algebra and focuses exclusively on the content that you need to score between 145 and 150.
If your goal is to simply pass test, the the GED Super Math Course is your answer. You will get 10 easy to follow lessons. Each lesson requires 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete. One way to look at it is that it's 15 hours of study time over the 10 lessons.
The big difference with the GED Super Math Course is that you are not guessing what to study - that's been done for you. All you need to do is follow the lesson plan.
Will you need more than 15 hours? Maybe so. Everyone is different and comes to the table with different skills. But the key thing to remember is that the path is the same. A Ferrari may take you from San Francisco to Los Angeles in five hours and a Hyundai may get you there in 7 hours but both vehicles get to Los Angeles.
Simply put, the GED Super Math Pack is the path to get you to your goal - passing the GED Test - how fast and when you complete the path is up to you!

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  • mary hale on

    My name is Mary Hale and i’ve been studying my math off and on i dropped out of school at a young age so math is very hard for me i failed the test twice and often feel like giving up i went to class but really need extra help i was’nt getting anywhere with the class because they did not have study plans

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