GED Science Lesson and Practice Test

Next to the GED Math Test, the GED Science Test gives students the most trouble. I have always believed that Math and Science are the toughest subjects because in elementary and middle school, these were the subjects that separated the "smart" students from the "average" or "below average" students. The psychologies we develop from school about learning and whether or not we are "smart" can be life shaping.

Think about it. Do you ever remember a movie or TV show about "Nerds" where the "Nerd" was good at English? No! The "Nerds" or "smart kids" were always good at math or science. It was the "average" kids who put on the plays or something creative but it was the smart kids who built the robot or some other amazing invention!

Over the last 17 years of preparing students to pass the GED Test, the most frequent phrase I've heard from students is "I am not good at math."

Think about the power of that negative statement. "I am not good at math." If you say that enough or have that statement said to you enough, it will do damage and artificial walls will be built up and fortified in your mind.

Fast forward to your life today in 2018. You are preparing to take a test, the GED Science Test. Maybe you find out that 30% of the GED Science Test involves the application of math. What are you thinking about your chances to pass this test?


Fortunately, the GED Science Test is really a reading test about science. This is an important concept to understand. You will not be asked to diagram a cell or to know the atomic weight of lead but you will be given scientific information and asked reading skill based questions about the given information.

Also, there is the dreaded math. You will need to know how to apply formulas, work with data sets, determine probability and other math skills.

However, with all that said, with the right preparation, you can do it!

As an added bonus, the Short Answer questions have been removed from the GED Science Test as of 2018 - so its easier to pass the test.

CLICK HERE or on the image below to try out the GED Science Lesson and Practice Test that I've put together for you. It is FREE to try.

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  • Felicia on

    I took my ged science test I was off 11 points,the science part is really tuff I’m struggling with it need more help with graphs and reading passages..

  • Margaret Dzelamonyuy on

    Thank you

  • Margaret Dzelamonyuy on

    It was easy than math.

  • Margaret Dzelamonyuy on

    Mr Damon,now that I did the Science test, what is my next steps? Thank you.

  • Katisha on

    Hi, i am studying for my GED. I have already passed the math part of the test, and is studying for the others. I agree science is tough so i am looking for help to get me through.
    Thanks in advance.

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