GED RLA Test 2018

Even the GED Testing Service, the creator of the GED Test, says the RLA Test is the "easiest" of all four GED Tests. However, some students still struggle with test. In most cases, they are struggling with the writing and the grammar.

If you have not been in school for 10+years, it can be a challenge to write an essay and properly place commas and edit sentence structure.

In this blog post, I'm attaching two things to help you if you are struggling with the GED RLA Test. First, I am attaching a GED RLA Test overview. In this overview, I pay special attention to the Extended Response (Essay) and give you the keys to writing a successful Extended Response to help you to pass the GED RLA Test in 2018.

You can view these slides by CLICKING HERE.

Second, I am listing a GED RLA course that I created and it covers all three parts of the GED RLA Test - reading, grammar and writing. It's only $25 and it will get you dialed in on the RLA Test.



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