Cultivate a Vision for Your Future

Cultivate a vision for your future

Whether you have earned your GED or are in the process of earning your GED, now is the time to begin cultivating a vision for the future. What do I mean by that?

Cultivating a vision for the future means to begin thinking about yourself, not as a person who is struggling for a chance in life, but as a person who now has the ability to take on real purpose.

Without the GED credential, you find yourself on the outside looking in. With the GED credential, you are in!

So in this way, cultivating a vision for your future can become very practical. There are five things that you should consider doing immediately once you earn your GED credential. In this post, I am going to share each one of these ideas with you, in hopes that it will inspire at least some of you.

If you have passed the GED test or are in the process of preparing to pass it, you are gaining very valuable study skills for a skill and reasoning based test. Think about it, all the skills that are necessary to pass this test can be used to pass many other test that can immediately put credentials on your resume. The civil service exam is one of those test.

Whether or not you ever intend to work for your local county government, wouldn't you want to have the option to apply for a job if it came up? See, it's all about cultivating a vision for your future.

County jobs generally offer very good pay, very good benefits, and most importantly in today's environment, a very good retirement plan. Currently, many jobs that are career track jobs in the county require taking a civil service exam, even for some entry-level jobs.

Again, your hope may be to become a nurse or some other occupation that has nothing to do with working for the county, but the idea is to begin cultivating a vision for your future so that you have multiple credentials under your name. All the work that you are currently putting in for the GED Test lines up perfectly to build your credential base now!

As an example, take a look at the link below:

Example from Erie County

I realize that most of you reading this post do not live in Erie County or anywhere near it but that's where the inspiration part comes in! Most of us have smart phones, go ahead and Google civil service exams in your county right now and see what is offered!

So, whether you have your GED now or are very close, or even for away from it, it's not too early to begin cultivating a vision for your future. Remember, a practical way to cultivate a vision for your future is to earn multiple credentials that put you in a position to be of high value in the job market or in the entrepreneurial market place. Your high value in the job market or as a business owner will put you in the position to create (finance) the future you desire for yourself and for your family.

As always, I stand available and ready to help you gain your GED credential and help you maximize it for the best future possible for you! Visit My Website for more information.

Damon Tinnon
GED Teacher

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