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THERE ARE TEN SKILLS THAT YOU NEED TO PASS THE GED MATH TEST MYGEDLIVE.COM is focused on reviewing the ten skill areas needed to pass the GED Math Test. If you focus on these ten areas, you will build a solid foundation and pass the GED Math Test. GED SUPER MATH COURSE Do you want all the information up front? Prefer to study on your own? I have created the GED Super Math Course to give you everything you need to reach the 145-passing score on the GED Math Test. GED MATH READINESS TEST I have created a GED Math Readiness test to show whether or not you are likely to pass the GED Math Test. At $3, it is half the price of the Official GED Math Test and provides many more benefits to you, the test taker. THE ONLINE GED COURSE Do you need to prepare for all four tests? I have created the Online GED Course to walk you through all four tests - focusing on the key knowledge areas you need to pass these tests. WHO IS BEHIND MYGEDLIVE.COM? My name is Damon Tinnon. I am a credentialed Adult Education Teacher in the State of California. Since 2001, I have helped hundreds of my local students pass the GED Math Test and tens of thousands through my easy-to-follow curriculum, online classes, You Tube channel (, and workbooks.